Although they’ve drawn comparisons to Kyuss, Corrosion of Conformity, Helmet, and ‘70s era Black Sabbath, that doesn’t really capture how radio-friendly they’d be in a different age. “Remains of Yesterday,” for example, is a steady headbanger with standout harmonies, and “Devil” rides on a heavy, pulsating attack that eventually erupts into a euphoric guitar solo. 

Although they’ve certainly drawn inspiration from all of the aforementioned bands, there’s something distinct about their sound that makes them immediately unique but extremely accessible.

The band puts out a polished album all-around and sound really tight playing together. I have a feeling they’d be a great act to see live. Indus Valley Kings manage to carve out a unique sound for themselves, marking their debut with a solid LP that has immense replay value.

Aficionados of 70's hard rock and heavy blues, devotees of doom and suckers for a bit of stoner/desert grooviness will all find something to sate their appetites on IVK's self-titled debut, the album is a jamboree bag of musical delights that never stops giving.

Fans of the hard rock of the 70's and heavy blues, fans of doom but also of stoner and desert rock will all find something to satisfy their appetites in the debut album of IVK, which is full of musical pleasures.

Indus Valley Kings is a hard rock band from Long Island, NY. The group recently released their brutal album ‘Indus Valley Kings.’ The album was remarkable and gloomy in the most positive way possible; it was unrestrained, charming, and made me want to turn the volume up as high as it could go.

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